Industrial Technical Engineer and BIM Manager

A coffee and a friendly chat between two strangers can go a long way, in this case, for the formation of the germ of the modoBIM company. And the most surprising thing is the evolution of that starting point, which has gone from registering the brand in 2020 to transforming it into an S.L., which has been able to obtain a subsidy from the Government of the Canary Islands of almost €150,000. I am convinced that it is only the beginning of a path full of future developments, wrapped in the magic of technology and innovation.

Architect and BIM Manager

I have always believed in the idea of complementary parts. An individual cannot be a specialist in everything and that is why the sum of specialists has so much power.
Thus, modoBIM was born, which arises from the sum of interests and skills of several technicians who contribute their knowledge and values, making a monolith focused on the development and digitalization of our society and the processes that exist in it.
Never stop learning or training and surround yourself with people who complement you and have your vision. We continue in modoBIM.

Industrial Engineer and Collaborator

Professional life is similar to traveling on a long-distance train in which people get on and off and visit places that create unforgettable moments in our experience. Those of us who have been climbing for a long time tend to isolate ourselves in our own thoughts, but the talk of two young and restless professionals suddenly brings you back to reality and infects you with the vision of other places and future goals. Not being able to resist the idea and accompanying them along the way will always be a challenge for those of us who began the journey a long time ago.
Without a doubt, the route and ending will be fantastic.

IT developer

Social innovation projects are those that require the most support in our society. In a world that never stops changing, rowing together in the same direction is vital for progress. At modoBIM, we are clear about this and these new projects deserve to reach people. Not only as a developer, but also as a person, I can proudly say that I am a contributor to making these projects a reality.

UX and Web Designer

They say that groups are created when they share the same purpose... and I think that is our case. Purpose is a great motivator to overcome any obstacle that comes your way and brings out the best in everyone... It motivates you when you falter and rewards you when it flows. For me, this is the best coffee, along with a few spoonfuls of teamwork and in a good multidisciplinary cup.