• modoBIM company is a limited company with tax identification number (NIF): B16715138
  • This is a startup in accordance with the provisions of Law 28/2022, of December 21, promoting the ecosystem of emerging companies.
  • The social purpose of the company is linked to 5 headings of the IAE (Tax on Economic Activities): (1) 845 strong>: Electronic exploitation on behalf of third parties, (2) 843.1: Technical engineering services, (3) 843.2: Technical services architecture and urban planning, (4) 932.1: Teaching of professional training and development, not higher, (5) 932.2: Teaching of training and higher professional development



Currently, modoBIM only has one administrator, this being the partner and co-founder: Juan Pedro Dyangani Ose.

He is a business administrator who has been doing this job at different stages of my working life since 2012, having an effective experience of 8 years, with the following positions in these entities:

  • CEO and Administrator of modoBIM® - modoBIM, S.L.
  • Director and Manager of LpaBIM®
  • Administrator Sempro Instalaciones, S.L.N.E.



modoBIM single administrator data:

NAME: Juan Pedro Dyangani Ose
POSITION: CEO, Co-Founder and Administrator
MINIMUM DEDICATION: 35 hours per week

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The company modoBIM has only had one minor contract, specifically in the Excmo. Arucas City Council.

In addition, the decisions to withdraw and waive contracts are indicated below:

  • 1154 - Modifications to formalized contracts. There have been no modifications to the formalized contracts.
  • 1157 - Decisions to withdraw and waive contracts. There have been no decisions to withdraw or resign from the contracts.
  • 1164 - Modifications made during the validity period: Indicate that the agreement has only been updated during 2023, given that in that year the agreement was renewed. the ICT agreement.



In addition, the entities mentioned in article 3 must also publish the following: Description of the purpose and objectives or achievements achieved with the subsidy or aid: to the specific subsidized project or, in the case of being generic for the operation or maintenance of the entity due to problems or crises, to the activity of the organization itself that it has been able to maintain over time due to the effects of the aid. public received.

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES: The need to seek a solution to the non-compliance by Spain with DIRECTIVE (EU) 2018/851, on the management of municipal waste, and in particular, in everything related to organic waste or biowaste.
    The management of municipal waste is a fundamental issue to comply with the Spain's demands towards the EU.

To do this, between now and 2030, Spain must be able to go from 36.4% of municipal waste management as of 2020, to reach the committed value of getting urban waste to reach the rate of 60% by the aforementioned date.

Taking into account that, in 2020, Spain had to have reached a recycling quota of 50%, there is a need to cover this day. ficit, and reach, in 2030, 60%, the limit set by the aforementioned European Union directive.

It is important to keep in mind that another barrier that is being created on the islands in relation to recycling is the level of rejection and inadequate classification. , and that the WASTE DIRECTOR PLAN OF GRAN CANARIA assessed that level by more than 48%, according to the data obtained after the treatment of waste in the ECOPARKS of Gran Canaria.

In the case of the Canary Islands, there is a significant deficit in the management of biowaste in the two capitals, where in the case of the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is being carrying out its first large pilot project, specifically in the Barrio de la Salle, with the implementation of the 5th container and the distribution of 1000 keys for opening them by users. While in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this container has not yet been implemented.

The implementation of a new container implies a new learning for the citizen, who until now carries out the action of recycling on his own initiative, and a new container without any Motivation, except for voluntariness and environmentalism, may not be enough, that is why modoBIM proposes a mobile application, with the mission of increasing the levels of recycling of urban waste .

This will improve the the performance and efficiency of ECOPARKS, better classification of waste, mitigating the amount of biowaste in the GRAY container (remaining unclassified waste), increasing the amount of composting and fertilizer that can be generated per kilo ;zero meter, and the culture sector is helped, with the sale of cheaper tickets, through the APP itself. Without forgetting, the future possibility of generating BIOGAS.

All of this creates a circular economy structure, which promotes the development of GREEN JOBS and CULTURAL AND LEISURE ACTIVITIES, LOCAL TRADE PRODUCTS, with the option to transfer the concept to the field of TOURISM in general, to TRAVEL in particular, and also to SPORTS.

  • ACHIEVEMENTS: Generation of 6 jobs during the effective period of the subsidy, where the company hired a person with a disability and 3 people under 30 years of age.

  • AMOUNT: 148,815.00€