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The adventure of creating a project: tokenMYs

Signed by: Juan Pedro Dyangani Ose

To start the adventure of creating a project, I have always thought that the fundamental thing is to have an idea.

That's clear! I think everyone understands it... But sometimes it is difficult for ideas to arrive.

Sometimes they come by surprise... Other times they come by chance... Others they come after a great meditation and, suddenly, after a while, the light bulb goes on, and we find that idea.

Hence, it is an adventure, because you never know where it is going to take you, which in my particular case and in relation to the project we are talking about, arises from how good it is to always continue studying and taking training courses.

To shape the tokenMYs project, the first reference course was on Blockchain, and the second on Machine Learning, both courses were taken at the School of Industrial Organization, the EOI, although some will think that those acronyms are the Official School of Languages.

But no, it is the School of Industrial Organization, which is the first business school in Spain, and was founded in 1955.

Returning to the topic!... Thanks to these courses and a series of knowledge acquired during them, they have allowed me to shape this project...

Well, rather, bringing this adventure to port.

Not definitively, because the last part is still missing, which is the most important part of the project, the part that is fundamental for its development and real implementation, through a pilot project.

Before starting to talk a little about tokenMYs, I think it is important to briefly talk about the origin of the project.

As I said, the origin is based precisely on studying, on knowing, on improving my tools of knowledge, and from there, with that base, an idea can emerge.

Back around Christmas 2021, the threads of the idea were set, although what actually occurred was the pivoting of another project, given that it occurred to me to transform a project that I had planned for fake reviews, into transforming it, to following a brief report on Spanish Television about organic waste, in a project related to ecology and culture.

And a simple report illuminates the concept of the project, the concept of connecting, ecology and culture through a token.

Ese token o ficha digital, te permitía poder comprar o acceder a eventos culturales que tú querías, obviamente comprando con moneda Fiat, como los euros, y la única cuestión era que para que tú pudieras comprar las entradas, necesitabas tener, tokens.

En este caso, tokenMYs.

Mediante esos MYs, lo que conseguíamos era que uno usuario determinado que quería ir a un espectáculo en particular, pudiera acceder a ese evento de manera más barata si reciclaba residuos orgánicos o biorresiduos.

Es decir, que el esfuerzo de reciclar tenía el beneficio de obtener entradas, comprarlas, y lograr ir al evento cultural deseado; un evento cultural que podía ser una visita al teatro, al cine, a un concierto, pero también, la adquisición de libros, como novelas, ensayos, o libros técnicos que permitan al usuario seguir aprendiendo.

Ese es el origen y los primeros pasos de la idea.

Una idea, que ya es prácticamente una realidad, gracias a una subvención del Gobierno de Canarias y la ACIISI (Agencia Canaria de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de la Información), denominada, subvención para Proyectos de Innovación Social.

Pues gracias a esta subvención hemos logrado diferentes metas: 

· La primera y fundamental ha servido para crear “El equipo tokenMYs”, que está integrado por cinco personas con contratos indefinidos, de ellas, dos son menores de treinta años. 

· Y la segunda, lograr que el proyecto esté prácticamente completado a un 75%, donde su punta de lanza es la App tokenMYs, que está casi desarrollada al cien por cien, y el resto del ecosistema (web de gestión y formulario de eventos y web administración) están bastante avanzadas, pero les quedan algunos detalles por definir.

tokenMYs team

The tokenMYs app

Our application is divided into 4 parts: Recycle, Plans, My Wallet and Giveaways.

Each part has its particularity, but the fundamental issues for us have been to create an application with a powerful design, with a strong character at the level of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), which most intuitive as possible for the people who are going to use the App.

An idea that has always been based on a collaborative structure based on consensus, where all team members participate and the basis of development is based on the SCRUM methodology.

All this preliminary work by the team members, which began in September 2022, has meant that, in these months of arduous journey, a tremendously vigorous work structure has been created that practically walks alone.

This structure, especially in these last four months, has allowed the application to be developed in a more agile way, with the participation of all the team members, which has ensured that the application is not an exclusively BIM mode application, but rather an application of the tokenMYs family.

From modoBIM, with this first major computer development project, which I hope will be much more, a path opens to an adventure that I hope will lead us to generate new projects, which are already swarming in the minds of the partners of this startup, and without leaving aside the wonderful tokenMYs project, which we are convinced has enormous scalability.

With its consolidation in the coming months of the project, and with the support of a City Council that is interested in carrying out the pilot project, we are convinced that it will be the turning point that will allow us to definitively show the potential that this App and its ecosystem have, to demonstrate that, from the Canary Islands and with a team dedicated to an exciting project, this type of technological initiatives can be brought to fruition, which for this innovative solution, connects ecology and culture.

Website link: tokenMYs