The push of digitalization is an unstoppable process that affects each one of us, to the point of seeming that we feel overwhelmed, but digitalization must have a sustainable vision, where the products and services associated with it, take into account all people, with the mission of optimizing resources, maximizing reuse levels.


To be able to take these mandates as a guide, modoBIM presents its services and products as digital ecosystems, where sustainability prevails in its computer development processes, which allow us to produce:

  • Applications for Android and iOS operating systems, completely native, with high-quality creative designs and developed with the most current programming tools, and compatible with mobile phones and tablets.
  • Corporate web environments for use with different types of roles and assignment of permissions based on the client's needs, with creative visual solutions on the dashboard, informative tables with multi-data and graphic details, which facilitate the understanding of the information.
  • And informative websites, easy to configure for any type of user, which serve as a letter of introduction for a company, where they can present all their products and their corresponding services.

Case of success

tokenMYs: App for sustainable recycling

This application is more than a simple app, since the design and development department of modoBIM has managed to generate a platform that covers three significant actions: inform, motivate and reward. These three actions have an impact on all agents linked in some way to this recycling ecosystem, these being: Users, Public Entities and Private Companies.

To inform, motivate and reward, it consists of 3 channels:

  • Application: Intended for use by the user, and with which the three actions are covered. (1) Direct access to the information spaces of the web de tokenMYs. (2) Motivate and mobilize these people to get involved in the recycling of organic waste, by obtaining tokens, our MYs, which allow access to cheaper tickets; and in this way, (3) the user gets his reward.


  • Corporate website: Designed to motivate public entities to get involved in separate collection of biowaste, thanks to this information tool that gives us data in real time, which allows us to know, for example, the number of active containers in the municipality, or in the case of a private promoter company of events, know the sale of tickets for a certain show.
  • Informative website: This is where all the information about the app is included, links to our networks social and frequently asked questions.


This is the activity that gave rise to modoBIM as a company, based on the capabilities of its partners and collaborators, who already had extensive experience in the field of engineering and architecture, both nationally and internationally.

This background allows us to tackle any project in the construction sector; In addition, we combine our role as designers and technical advisors, with the ability to provide training, in particular, on the BIM methodology.


Currently, the world of advice is becoming more and more technical, and to this end, the inclusion of digital tools is essential for these changes to occur. Changes that facilitate the incorporation of our clients into the digital universe, and allow us to face the challenges and meet the client's needs, seeking the most sustainable solutions that, in the case of the construction sector, necessarily involve digital tools linked to BIM´s methodology.

This methodology has as a key element the generation of digital models or BIM models, which help optimize construction processes, taking these models as a reference, which allow testing the solutions to be implemented in the real work with minimal risks, and facilitate the understanding of the work to all unions with greater ease.

Success story

A unique BIM methodology course

This course was the first major consulting and training project that the company carried out. modoBIM, since the “Specialization Course in Methodology BIM: Bases and application in architecture and engineering projects”, starting from nothing. The partners of our company presented the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and the Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) with a great online challenge, with 16 teachers from all over Spain. to train 20 students from the island of Gran Canaria for free.

In relation to advice, this covers two clearly significant parts that depend on the participants:

  • Institutions: Facing a challenge of these dimensions required firm involvement from the EOI and the SPEGC, given that agreements had to be reached with each of the teachers, especially in setting dates and work schedules, which in all cases moment they were coordinated by the director of the course, our co-founding partner: Juan Pedro Dyangani Ose.
    Furthermore, the use of a multitude of BIM tools (Revit, Lumion, Presto, Cype, BIMcollab, etc.), required different logistical actions, so that teachers and students had all this software within their reach.


  • Teachers and Students: The organization of the course involved advisory and coordination work with the use of the productivity tool Trello, which was used by both teachers and students, and was the basis for communications between all participants throughout the training.

The course lasted 130 hours, including hours of tutoring for the 3 teams that were formed and that created the virtual models shown in this section. BIM BAM BUM (header image), 3D5 (second image) and BIM FIVE (third image).


The modoBIM company is a tireless observer of the changes that are taking place around technological advances and, especially, those related to sustainability. That is why we understand that the evolution of this sector must be present in our DNA, in such a way that the generation of sustainability reports, as well as evaluations and studies framed in that field, form a service that takes care of the details, to obtain that necessary packaging that achieves the highest standards of satisfaction for our customers.


At modoBIM we understand that progress and technological advances cannot be at odds with sustainability and care for the environment. For this reason, we know that it is essential that the development of any project must be carried out seeking to minimize the impact on the planet and optimize our resources.

Case of success

Accredited to be more sustainable

Given that the company aims to present its business project from a sustainable point of view, it is necessary for it to be accredited to carry out the tasks that allow it: "audit, advise and create sustainable projects."

Following this precept, modoBIM is a signatory agent of the Pact for a Circular Economy of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.


Another area in which our company is involved is the study of the carbon footprint of the processes linked to companies, and for this, it consists of a strategic alliance with SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS, S.L., developer of the Manglai software, which is a platform that measures, reduces and certifies the carbon footprint based on Artificial Intelligence, and with which modoBIM has already been certified.

Finally, to be able to audit you must be an auditor, and the two co-founders have the relevant accreditation, issued by the company CAVALA SOLUCIONES SOSTENIBLES, S.L., which allows them to audit sustainable events as established in ISO 20121, covering the entire cycle. life of the events, from their design and planning process, as well as their implementation, development and subsequent actions associated with the events.